Horses are such an important part of my life – the least I can do is give them a voice by writing books about them. Julie v. Bismarck

Julie von Bismarck is a seasoned rider, equine osteopath, acupuncturist and best-selling author. She is a long-standing campaigner for a rethink in the riding world, a return to old values, and for horse welfare.

She has a broad overview of equestrian sport. Having grown up with horses herself and as a rider since early childhood, she soon went on to become a pioneer in the osteopathic treatment and acupuncture of horses around the world. For over twenty years, she treated every breed of horse, ranging from international competitors to leisure horses. In every area she was confronted with the consequences that negative changes in the equestrian world – due to the replacing of old principles and guidelines – were having for horse welfare.

She became convinced that the vast majority of problems could have been avoided had riders and owners had the right information, and decided to devote herself to education. Today, Julie shares her knowledge as a lecturer, a prominent author on equestrian matters and a public advocate for equine welfare. She lives in northern Germany and South Africa.

Julie von Bismarck’s words are an appeal to reason in the horse-riding world and a plea for the welfare of the horse in equestrian sport. Anyone who has read her books will see their riding and handling of horses through different eyes.