“Books can cause change. A good book leaves us with a very special feeling when we close it:
As if we would have grown while reading.
As if we had extended ourselves in all directions and, as a result, gained a thousand new possibilities – in our minds and in our hearts.”
Julie von Bismarck

About the author

Julie von Bismarck is a renowned german author, rider and international equine expert. For many years she has been campaigning for a change of thoughts and habits in equestrianism, a return to old values and the welfare of the horse. Her numerous professional articles and books on the subject of horses and riding have brought about groundbreaking changes in parts of the equestrian world and her books can be found on various bestseller lists.
After her sixth book on horses and riding, she is now turning her attention to all the other topics she feels she has to write about.

Julie von Bismarck lives with her family and many animals in northern Germany and in South Africa. She is involved in nature- and animal conservation as well as various charity projects.