“Books can cause change. A good book leaves us with a very special feeling when we close it:
As if we would have grown while reading.
As if we had extended ourselves in all directions and, as a result, gained a thousand new possibilities – in our minds and in our hearts.”
Julie von Bismarck

About the author

Julie von Bismarck is a German author, rider, and international horse expert. For many years, she has been advocating for a rethinking in the equestrian world, a return to old values, and the welfare of horses. Her numerous articles on horses and riding, as well as her engagement on social media, live lectures, and of course her books, have brought about significant changes in the thinking and actions within the equestrian community.

After her seventh book for horses and creating an online library where all content can be found, she is now turning her writing efforts to all the other topics she has previously put aside. Julie von Bismarck lives in northern Germany and South Africa and is involved in nature and species conservation as well as various charitable projects.