“I don’t think I would have become an author or writer without the horses. Writing books emerged for me out of the necessity to give these animals a voice and to make more knowledge about them accessible. For this, I am eternally grateful to them.”
Julie von Bismarck

Connections in the horse

Why does the horse cough despite the brand new, warm winter blanket? And why does it constantly trip after the cough is gone? What does a hard rider’s hand have to do with dehydration? In this book, Julie von Bismarck describes some of the fascinating connections she discovered in the course of her work.

This book contains priceless knowledge for every rider, horse owner and therapist.

With the horse, not on the horse

Better and finer riding – isn’t that what we all want? And why do we so often fail? In this book, Julie von Bismarck summarises what really matters when it comes to riding: listening and communicating.

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